The Spring 2017 Issue of Lift Magazine for Single Mums is out now! You can download a copy of it by clicking here. Don’t forget, anyone who subscribes (four issues for $5.99) during the month of September goes into the draw to win two pairs of snazzy Spotting Unicorns earrings!

So how can this issue of Lift Magazine help YOU right NOW?

  1. If you’re a travel nut – or even if you’re not – get inspired by Evie Farrell of mumpack travel as she shares how she and her daughter Emmie spent 18 months living overseas.
  2. If you are one of our beautiful mums who has lost a partner, Lucy Palmer¬†author of A Bird on My Shoulder, will help you work through your grief thanks to her article on Flying Solo After Loss. It’s an incredible piece of writing. Raw and honest. You are not alone.
  3. Single mums struggling to raise boys without Dad around will benefit from our interview with Michael Grose of Parenting Ideas. Loads of helpful strategies and he gives us a good understanding of how to approach the three testosterone boosts boys deal with at certain ages.
  4. Wanting your kids to become more autonomous and problem-solvers? Michael gave us permission to reprint an excerpt from his book Spoonfed Generation. Once again, some great practical and specific tips for our readers to employ.
  5. Are you keen to pick up a meditation practice and you’re not sure where to start? We chatted to Divorce Go To Girl, Renee Catt about Ho’oponopono Meditation, a beautiful Hawaiian technique designed to focus on forgiveness and reconciliation of the heart and soul. This is a must-read because it’s a simple practice with hugely positive impacts.
  6. If your skin is feeling the impact of the stress of separating or loss, Gaye Barlow of The Skin Care Clinic has shared 10 simple ways you can stay on top of your skin’s health.
  7. Never seem to fine 5 minutes for yourself? No problem! Linda Anderson of the 5 Minutes 4 Mum online program has the answers for you. And you can sign up to Linda’s program here. Enrolments open until midnight 14 September, so be quick!
  8. Is money a bit of a worry for you? Women with Cents founder, Natasha Janssens shares tips on how to pay off debt and build up some savings. She also has 9 simple ways you can save on your weekly shop.
  9. Need to find work but wondering how to do it around the kids? We chatted to Diana Holwerda of Virtual Assistant 4 Your Biz on how to set yourself up as a Virtual Assistant. Such a flexible option for single mums!
  10. If your kids miss out on extra curricular activities because you simply can’t be in two or three places at once, we have discovered Parachuute – an awesome car pooling app designed and created by two Melbourne mums. Maggie of Parachuute has written an article for us on ways to share the load of single parenting.
  11. Looking for an easy dinner recipe? Liz from kitchenink has you covered with Chorizo & Egg Rolls with Green Sauce – yum, yum pig’s…..well you know how it goes.
  12. And of course the warmer weather has kicked in – thank goodness! – so our Fashion Feature this issue is on spring dresses. We have five fab dress from $65 – $169.95 perfect for anything from a wedding to the school pick-up. Who needs an excuse to wear a floaty, florally number in Spring? Not us!

So, if you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do that right now by clicking here. Or you can purchase just the Spring 2017 Issue for $1.49 by clicking here.

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