About Lift

Penny and boysFounded by the incredible Naomi Gora in 2015, Lift Magazine is now owned and published by Penny Webb.

Penny is a writer and editor living in the Southern Highlands of NSW. The tree change to this stunning part of the world followed the life changing event of Penny’s marriage breakdown and now she is establishing a life of joy, financial freedom and inner peace for herself and her two sons.

Lift Magazine is for mums flying solo – a digital magazine and online resource that helps mums embark and embrace the transformational journey that single motherhood brings. We share guidance and advice for mums from experts and people who have been there themselves, on how to cope with initial grief cycles right through to rebuilding their lives, their identity and new family units.

Lift Magazine is honest and raw and solution-oriented. Yes, you’ll get the advice you need as you navigate your way towards your new life. And you’ll also get the real life stories from those that have been there.

You’ll cry. You’ll laugh. You’ll make notes. You’ll share what you’ve discovered with your friends. You’ll know that you’re not alone. Ever. Not with us around!

Lift Magazine is a guiding glimmer of hope. It’s here to help you navigate the world of single motherhood; from the early days of working through separation or divorce, recovering from grief and loss, figuring out co-parenting or how to do it all on your own to rebuilding and redefining your new family now and even two or ten years from now.

Thank you for joining us, we are so glad you’re here.




“I’ve just read your latest issue and I cannot believe a magazine like this hasn’t been made before!”

“I leave your mag open and catch an article here and there throughout my day. I have to tell you nothing is wasted. Everything is relevant and speaks to me in a way I cannot tell you.  I suppose outside of Lift you get used to being a bit numb and not really connecting with people as your life is so different. But Lift is so so healing. It helped me so much last Christmas and this edition feels so relevant to where I am now. It’s like you’ve written it just for me.”

“I wish Lift had been around when I first became a single mum. Back then, there was just nothing for us. It was such a lonely time. The work you’re doing will help so many. Thank you.”

“What a marvellous and much needed resource!”

“I love every article. I can’t wait to sit down and read the latest issue once the little ones are in bed. It’s my little treat to myself.”


If you’d like to get in touch with us, whether it’s regarding an article contribution, if you’d like to share your solo mum story, or if you’re an advertiser who has great things to share with our solo mum readers, you can email penny@liftmagazine.com.au for more information including copies of our submission guidelines or advertising rates.