ME, MYSELF AND I: How to create me-time as a single mum in just 5 minutes a day

by Linda Anderson
Creator of 5 Minutes 4 Mum

ME-TIME. Every Mum I know needs it. Almost every Mum I know struggles to get it.

If this is a universal “mum struggle” how on earth do you manage to get some much needed me-time when you are the only adult in your household?

This is all about seizing the moments at home, with kids around, for some sneaky me-time. Sometimes you can plan for these but often you just need to seize a moment when it presents itself.

Is the baby sleeping? 
Awesome! Now don’t make the first thing you do be folding washing or sweeping the floor! First thing on the list should be minimum 15 minutes just for YOU!  Perhaps read a book or magazine. Phone a friend. Take a bath (who cares if it is 9:30am?). Try a YouTube yoga routine. Once you have ticked off ‘me-time’ from the TOP of your to-do list … THEN you may go fold that washing.

Are the kids playing happily/watching some TV? 
Double awesome! Go to a quite space and meditate, Do a quick facial with one of those magazine samples that sit in the bathroom drawer, take a cup of tea out into the garden, or do a 15- minute YouTube workout.

And are the kids tucked in for the night? 
Brilliant!! Now, take a long hot soak in the bath one night a week. Bath salts, scrubs … the works!

This is essential. Many Mums I know struggle to ask for support but we were never meant to travel this path of motherhood without support. If we don’t ask, we cannot receive.Think about who could be on your support team, who can give you some real time for yourself?

Family: If you have family nearby this is a great place to start.  Ask for the support you need, don’t just wait for an offer.

Friends: If you have friends offering support, offering to take the kids for a while so you can have some time for yourself – SAY YES!  People love to feel needed so consider it a gift of love if you accept the help. Trust that they genuinely mean it.

Other Mums: One of my sanity savers has been other Mums who have been open to trading time with me. Quite simply, if I take their children for a block of time to give them a break they will take my children for a block of time to give me a break. Sometimes these connections have been quite structured (literally trading 2 hours for 2 hours) and other times they have been more fluid and relaxed in style. As long as everyone feels they are getting what they need it doesn’t matter how this works.

Babysitters: If you have the financial resources available book a babysitter so you can get some me-time.  I booked a babysitter one Sunday morning so I could go and do a one hour hike near my house and then treat myself to brunch afterwards. It felt like the most wonderful treat.

How can YOU create some me-time this week?

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Linda Anderson is a Mum of 3, Life Coach, Blogger and an adventurous soul. She lives on Waiheke Island, New Zealand, and especially loves her me-time by the sea. You can learn more about Linda on her website . Linda runs an online program twice a year – 5 Minutes 4 Mum – which helps other Mums feel happier and less overwhelmed by taking small steps towards nurturing their own needs. The next round of this program starts on 21st September – you can learn more or sign up via
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