I’ve noticed there’s plenty of ‘Hey Girl’ memes floating around the internet lately. Funnily enough none of them have been aimed at single mums. I decided that needed to be rectified…

Week 1_HeyGirl_Sleepin1


Week 1_HeyGirl_Nappies2


Week 1_HeyGirl_Shower3


Week 1_HeyGirl_Spanish4

What about you? What’s the one thing you’d have some dashing eligible beau say to you if given the chance?


Naomi is the editor of Lift Magazine and single mum to 19 month old Jim. For the last 12 months she’s documented her journey of single motherhood in her award winning daily blog ‘365 Days, a Diary of a Newly Single Mum’. When she’s not experimenting with new cookie recipes or planning her next trekking, climbing or snowboarding adventure, you can find her at her desk in the picturesque city of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, weaving together solo mum stories… whether it be handy tips, triumphs, tragedies, exotic tales of travel or other tidbits to publish here. And before you ask, no, she doesn’t mind the freezing cold Tasmanian winters and yes, she had her second head removed years ago in an unfortunate accident involving a curtain rod and a drunk moose (and no, she’s not interested in hearing from anyone who doesn’t believe that drunk mooses exist in Tasmania… or those who may suppose that ‘mooses’ is not really a word).


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