This week I am excited to introduce Gaye from The Skin Care Centre as our guest blogger. Gaye has written an article for the Spring 2017 Issue of Lift with ten tips on how to manage the impact stress can have on your skin (click here to subscribe and read it now). In this blog post, Gaye shares a client story about how challenging times impacted her client’s health and skin, and how the team at The Skin Care Centre helped link her situation with her skin health and help get her back on the road to wellness.


Emma first came to us for help in the clinic with her acne.  However, we soon discovered her skin was actually super sensitive, red, dry and very inflamed. This was what was causing her to have pimples now in her 30’s. She told us she’d had relatively good skin as a teen and that this problem had begun around 8 months earlier.

So what had happened 8 months earlier?  Emma had fallen off the rails.  She’d lost her job, couldn’t find another, became severely depressed, day to day living was difficult and then she started drinking and smoking heavily. At this point her partner said “enough’s enough” and walked out with their little girl.  He refused to let her have any contact initially which, of course devastated poor Emma and didn’t help the situation one little bit.

This story unfolded as Emma sat in our consulting room being asked questions about her diet, her exercise and her lifestyle choices. All these affect the health of your skin and Emma’s was really suffering. Her acne and dryness was not a skin issue but a traumatic, stress related one which was not likely to be resolved quickly.

Emma‘s psychologist had suggested she see us as her problem skin had become a focus for her. She was already working on her inner health which was fantastic:

  • Alcohol consumption was now nil though she still was smoking – not good for skin, however understandable and let’s face it – “one step at a time”.
  • She was eating better and drinking water.
  • She was walking every day, beginning to meditate and trying some yoga.

Most importantly, she was now able to see her daughter on the weekends.

Life was looking up, but her skin was still plaguing her.

In order to stop the acne Emma had been trying over the counter exfoliating scrubs and then using moisturisers to try to make her skin feel ok.

She needed to stop this and work on building the strength and immunity of her skin with antioxidants, growth factors and ingredients to re-hydrate her skin.  These would work deep down rather than stripping the surface.

She came into the clinic 2-4 weekly for hydrating, penetrating, healing facials and slowly but surely over 3-4 months her skin began to regain its clarity, have a healthy glow and for the most part be pimple free.

Of course none of this would have been possible if Emma had continued on her downward spiral of self abuse. She took control of all aspects of her life which we totally congratulate her for!!

Stress does terrible things to all parts of our body.  Sometimes we don’t see or feel it in our skin for months following “an event”, but it will be happening.  It is the complexity of our hormones that does the damage and these are affected by our gut health which is why it is essential to have a healthy, sugar free diet and to drink lots of water.

Stressed skin will first feel dry, so you use a richer moisturiser, then it becomes a little red and lacklustre; more makeup is needed but it doesn’t sit so well and then products begin to sting and it becomes harder and harder to find anything your skin likes. The reason?  Your stress has pulled all the moisturiser retaining abilities from your skin cells and you are officially dehydrated and your skin is impaired.

If this is you – you need at this point to take control as Emma did!

Two years down the track and Emma still comes in every 2-3 months for a chat and hydrating top-up facial. Her life is so different and she is so happy – back with her partner and her daughter. She has a job and perspective in life. She’s even given up smoking!

Unfortunately, Emma’s story is not uncommon – if you would like assistance with your skin please click here to sign-up for  our Complimentary On Line Consultation. Let me know you’ve read about Emma and you’ve heard about us via Lift Magazine for Single Mums.

The Skin Care Clinic

Note from Editor: Hi guys, it’s Penny here! Editor of Lift. I just wanted to pop a quick message at the end of this post to share my own story. My skin was ravaged by the last few unhappy years of my marriage. It did everything Gaye described in the post about Emma. The redness, the dryness, honestly my skin was like paper. I didn’t get acne on my face but on weird spots on my body (I mean, who gets a massive pimple on the back of your knee?? Me apparently!!!). I eventually got my skin all sorted once I made the lifestyle changes too – was out of the marriage and on a new pathway, pulled back on the drinking and poor eating choices and lack of sleep – but it was intensive treatment from my skin specialist that finally saw the changes and now my skin is almost back to it’s healthy, happy self. 

If I had known about Gaye 9 months ago and her online support options, I would have got in touch with her. So, I’m hoping if your skin is suffering from the effects of stress and trauma, you do the same. She also has a beautiful online store and regularly runs fab specials. And of course, don’t forget anyone who subscribes to Lift Magazine during the month of October goes in the draw to win the beautiful Radiant Skin Kit from The Skin Care Clinic, valued at $280 (pictured left)!

Click here to subscribe and go in the draw today.


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