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This week’s review is Macpac’s Possum child carrier…..

As a solo mum, being mobile with my son has always been a priority for me. As soon as I’d fully recovered from my caesarean, I started running with him in his pram, but we both quickly got bored pounding the same pavement day after day, so as soon as he developed enough head control, I started looking for an option that would get me to places where my pram wouldn’t go.

I started looking at the equivalent of 4WDs for prams, but decided that a child carrier would be more my style and so trundled into my local outdoor stores to see what options were available. I ended up going with the Macpac Possum Child Carrier and it’s turned out to be one of the best baby purchases I’ve made. In fact, I haven’t used my pram since. While my running sessions have now been moved to days when my son is in day care, carrying the extra 15kg certainly still provides an ample work out, and the pack is designed so well that I hardly even notice I’m carrying him.

The two carriers my local Macpac store had in stock at the time of purchase were the Vamoose or the Possum. The main difference between the two being that the Vamoose has a zip off backpack on the front, and for an extra hundred dollars, I didn’t really need the space or the extra load to carry, so I went for the Possum.

Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 9.27.10 PM

Macpac Possum

At 3.5kg, the Possum is light weight, will carry over 20kg and has a hinged frame that folds reasonably flat for travel. Happily, most Australian airlines will let you check it instead of a pram, free of charge. The base compartment is huge and will easily fit a hand full of nappies, a couple of jumpers, a first aid kit, some sandwiches and snacks, two milk bottles as well as a rain coat… and then you still have room in to two upper back pack compartments as well as the sneaky smart pocket under the main seat that will take a 1 litre hydration bladder. Even with it packed as full as I can get it, it’s still a comfortable ride for both me and my little travel companion.

The harness is adjustable at the hips, shoulders and chest as is the seat to accommodate bubs as they grow. It’s relatively easy to get on and off with a bit of practice but, if you’re not quite confident, find a table or bench to sit it on so you can load and unload safely.

It has a handy waist pocket to store keys and cash, complete with a tiny removable mirror so you can check that your little pumpkin isn’t getting up to mischief behind your back while you’re wandering around.

My favourite thing though has to be the removable/washable/quick dry dribble pad. No more smelly carrier that takes days to dry when washed.

Both the Vamoose and the Possum also have the option of a removable sunshade/mosquito net and rain cover and a Sleepyhead foam cushion for comfortable snooze time. These don’t come with the carriers though, and are an extra $40 and $20 RRP respectively to purchase separately, but they’re well worth it for bub’s safety and comfort.

The Possum does require bub to have good head control, so it’s not ideal until they’re around six months old. I’ve had my little cherub in it wandering around markets, off-road on rugged mountain tracks, rock hopping for up to three hours at a time , and he’s still been quite happy sitting and sleeping in it… and pretty chuffed with the amount of attention and smiles he gets from anyone who passes by.

One happy, comfy bubba for hours at a time

Comfy and happy to watch the world go by for hours at a time
















So overall, the Macpac Possum Child Carrier is ideal for getting out and about with bubs over about six months when you’re after more than a quick trip to the shop or a hands-free potter around home. Oh, and with the added comfort level, it also has the extra benefit of being a great way to add a bit of weight to your daily workout. You’ll have buns of steel in no time, I promise.



Naomi is the editor of Lift Magazine and single mum to 19 month old Jim. For the last 12 months she’s documented her journey of single motherhood in her award winning daily blog ‘365 Days, a Diary of a Newly Single Mum’. When she’s not experimenting with new cookie recipes or planning her next trekking, climbing or snowboarding adventure, you can find her at her desk in the picturesque city of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, weaving together solo mum stories… whether it be handy tips, triumphs, tragedies, exotic tales of travel or other tidbits to publish here. And before you ask, no, she doesn’t mind the freezing cold Tasmanian winters and yes, she had her second head removed years ago in an unfortunate accident involving a curtain rod and a drunk moose (and no, she’s not interested in hearing from anyone who doesn’t believe that drunk mooses exist in Tasmania… or those who may suppose that ‘mooses’ is not really a word).




  1. Linda - Mums on the Go
    June 24, 2014 at 10:13 am (6 years ago)

    As an outdoor, travel orientated family we LOVE the Macpac Possum. In fact we leave for France on the weekend for a month and will be taking 2 of them.
    Our 23 month old goes in the lovely new model (as you have reviewed) and the 3 year old gets the occasional ride (especially in Chamonix)in our old one which I bought second hand 5 years ago now … it is still going strong!


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